What currency does CENTs use?
One CENT is equivalent to one Australian dollar.  We suggest time is valued equally at 25 CENTs per hour.

How do I register?
Just click on the Register for CENTs tab on the home page. Registering is easy: just fill out the details and  you will open an account with us. Note you need to add one  ’Offering’ in order to register – it doesn’t matter what you  enter so long as you put in something you are able to do for someone else. If you need any assistance with possible ideas for Offerings give us a shout.

What if I don’t have access to the internet?
Call our Administrator on 0458 078 455 who will discuss with you ways in which you can still participate.

Does it cost anything to join? 
No. Registration is FREE and there are no annual fees. All transactions do attract a 4% Levy to both buyer and seller to help fund ongoing administration costs.

What are Offerings and Wants?
Offerings are goods, services or skills you can sell or do for other people. Wants are goods or services you would like others to do for you.

I am not sure what I can Offer  – can I get some help with that?
It’s very common to find it difficult to identify the full range  of skills you already have or what you can request from others. We encourage you to participate in a process of identifying your offerings and wants with our Administrator.  There are likely to be lots of things you hadn’t even thought of that can make a difference to not only your life but others as well. Don’t forget you can change your Offerings and Wants at any time to make sure they are current.

How do I organise for some help?
There are two ways you can organise help when you need something  done. The first is to look through the Offerings list to find a match or list it as a Want.

It should be remembered that CENTs is not a version of the Yellow Pages and hence there is no guarantee that your Wants can or will be provided or indeed things you Offer are things that others will want. We will  just do our best to match up both offers and wants – it depends very much on how flexible and willing people are to help.

How can I begin trading without any money in my  account?
You don’t need to have credit in your account to begin  trading. You can commence trading by going into debit (not debt). This simply means your account has a negative balance but unlike with  conventional money you do not have to pay interest on it. Your debit simply means that you are in commitment to the CENTs community and you agree to repay the value of the debit at some future time.

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