Nubeans Project Clothing Swap


A great day out at the Tasman Community House in Nubeena where we saw an energetic bunch of traders, old and new swapping clothes and trading their wares.  The pizza was coming continuously as an all you can eat theme was part of the entry fee to participate on the day.  We welcomed some new members and look forward to spreading the exchange far and wide on the Tasman Peninsula.

Celebrating Local Food – CENTs Trading, Shared Dinner and Special Guest Speaker

Join us as we Celebrate local food and the End of Summer with a CENTs trading and Dinner evening followed by an inspiring presentation by Bruce French from Food Plants International…

Food Plants International was formally established in 1999, but its origins go back to the 1970’s. Bruce French, founder of FPI, was living in Papua New Guinea at the time and noticed that many villagers suffered disease and malnutrition, often while surrounded by nutritious food plants.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know anything about their local plants, but there were clearly a lot more edible plants than were readily recognised. Also, there was very little nutritional information available about the plants. Bruce also observed that most of the information taught in agricultural colleges related to temperate plants commonly produced in Western agriculture.

From these humble beginnings, Bruce set out to document the food plants of Papua New Guinea, an effort that soon spread to include the entire world of food plants.

The people who make up FPI are based in Tasmania, Australia. We are all volunteers who wish to make a difference to the three billion people of the world whose most important concern each day is having enough nutritious food to eat.

Health Expo


The North West Coast sub branches of CENTs invite you to our Health Expo. A panel discussion will talk about Health & Well Being and how we can best support healthy communities.  Come and join in the conversation about physical and mental health.

Various workshops show casing health & well being such as Mindfulness Colouring In for Adults, Art & Healing Journey and more.

Bring trading items (special emphasis on healthy), trading slip and plate to share
More information from organiser Robin Krabbe (Local Area Coordinator Wynyard Sub Branch)

Home Energy Efficiency Workshop and CENTs Dinner

Shayn Harkness has an all electric home (no wood or gas heater) and his Aurora bills total just $600 for the year. As an Energy Assessor with Sustainable Living Tasmania Shayn has helped about a 1000 North West low income & Housing Tasmania tenants reduce their power bills on average by $200 to $300 per year with some inexpensive upgrades and providing better information on how to minimise energy use and maximise warmth & comfort.

Some tenants even said they had halved their power costs after his suggested simple upgrades and working with the information he had shared with them.

These measures are the best thing to do, before even considering the effective but more expensive upgrades of Solar PV panels and Solar Hotwater systems.

His practical advise is simple and can easily help you achieve savings with better knowledge that exposes some of the prevalent myths that exist in the community. e.g “Is the most effective way to use my heat pump to run it 24/7 and turn it to a low temperature over night?” ” I can’t afford double glazed windows so what can I do?”

Bring your last four quarterly Aurora power bills with you, so you get a clear starting place for savings.

Cost of $/Ç 5.00 can be paid in Dollars or CENTs (Community Currency)

Re-Purposing Used Clothing

Come along and learn how to make new and exciting creations from basic old items
such as t-­shirts and old jeans. You are only limited by not trying!

$40 per person (½ CENTs payment option available )
Bring whatever you can from this list:
● A sewing machine, threads and feet (a darning foot would be good)
● A sharp pair of scissors
● Any bits of lace, trim and fancy buttons you have in your stash
● A selection of 6 t-­shirts and an old pair of jeans
● Patchwork cutting board and wheel
● Lunch for yourself.

We will endeavour to construct a skirt from tee shirts or a bag from jeans. You will be amazed by the things that you can dream up.

Heather Thorpe is a TAFE trained Fashion Teacher, a Permaculture Teacher and a major part of Urban Farming Tasmania. She is an extremely passionate advocate for Eco Sustainability and loves to repurpose what ever she can.

The Connection – Documentary

Mind Your Body!

AAA-BOUGHT--canstockphoto7197927A Film featuring world leading experts in mind body medicine and compelling true stories of recovery.

Experience a mindfulness exercise afterwards and be part of discussion with Christine Hiltner, yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Bring supper to share if you can.

Cost: Ç/$ 5 – Dollars or CENTs

Food Co-op Workshop

shutterstock_129173978The folk at RESEED have been running a small food co-op for more than 10 years, ordering organic dry goods from Biodistributors, and more lately, Kindred Organics.

Would you like to find out what’s involved and how it works?

Come along to learn more, and get some hands on experience sorting a food order.

Cost: Ç/$5 – Dollars or CENTs