Edible Natives with Bruce French – Burnie

Food Plants International was formally established in 1999, but its origins go back to the 1970’s. Bruce French, founder of FPI, was living in Papua New Guinea at the time and noticed that many villagers suffered disease and malnutrition, often while surrounded by nutritious food plants.

Hear from Bruce on the abundance of native edibles available and grown in Tasmania.


Bring your goods to trade with others and also a plate to share for lunch

Wynyard Sub Branch – A Celebration of Food

Since resigning from a position as a senior research officer with the Tasmanian Agricultural Department, Dr Stevenson has worked from home developing and managing Landcare projects, inspecting organic farms for certification, consulting on soil capability, and selling dung beetles and pasture earthworms.

THE author of Ruminations of a Poo-ologist: Dung Beetles in Tasmania and his latest offering, Earthworms in Tasmanian Agriculture joins us for an intimate conversation about organic gardening over a shared lunch as we enjoy a Celebration of Food.

CENTs trading will be a feature of the day so bring along your goods or services to trade with others without money. You do not have to be a member of CENTs to buy goods at this event.

Bring a plate/dish to share for our celebration of food from all around the world – a multicultural feast! Tell us the origins of your dish.

*Photo courtesy of www.theadvocate.com.au


Make You Own Bathroom Products

This workshop is being run by CENTs traders North West Environment Centre and Cassie Smith.

100% CENTs payment is available to attend this workshop

RSVP via email ASAP to willy6149@gmail.com

Repair Cafe – Devonport


On 20 May the forecast for major storms and flooding did not keep the dedicated repairers away from our first ever Repair Cafe at the Devonport Community House. Lots of advice, knowledge and wisdom was shared by those who came as mentors with those who brought along an array of busted items. 

Many new skills were acquired by the attendees who were keen to learn how to fix things for themselves and to observe others fixing their items as well.

Heather & Julie were flat chat on the sewing machines with various trouser hem repairs, pattern making, pants seams, curtain mending and also sewing machine servicing.

Walter & Kelly worked away on repairing the brakes and gears on bicycles.  Things were a bit quiet for them due to the weather and people not wanting to venture out on their bikes however their enthusiasm was contagious and a few people learned how to fix brakes on their own human powered machines.

Samantha demonstrated some old time skills with leather work and repaired horse bridles, handbags and satchels and also went home with some repairs to complete for CENTs traders using her Offerings through the exchange.

John was busy sharpening tools and knives as was Nick and numerous gardening implements found their way into the Repair Cafe returning with their owners as sharp as the day they were purchased.

Damien handed out some excellent advice and had many follow up consultations to carry on with post event regarding free software and general operational maintenance.

Neil offered his expertise in furniture restoration and woodwork and imparted some wisdom to others looking to weigh up the cost effectiveness of recycling/reusing versus buying new.

A fantastic day had by all with the most wonderful feedback and requests for more Repair Cafe events in the future.

Thanks everyone for coming along to support this event and especially to our volunteer mentors.





ABC Northern Tasmania Radio

ABC Northern Tasmania

Imagine a world where people trade their goods, services and skills with one another without money. Well that world exists right here in Tassie! The Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs) is a community exchange allowing traders to buy, sell, share, swap, barter and gift their wares in lots of different ways – such as gardening, home help, baby sitting, office work, providing transport or by teaching someone a new skill. Tania Brookes tells Belinda King how it works.


Sauerkraut in 10 Minutes


The RESEED Centre in downtown Penguin in north west Tasmania was host to yet another CENTs trading event featuring Healthy Lifestyle Consultant Dr Michelle Towle who whizzed through a ten minute “How to Make Sauerkraut” workshop with her no salt, no chop, throw me in the blender routine.  With plenty of questions from the eager audience and another short demo on fermenting another concoction of vegetables the participants enjoyed a tasty sample to take home and some to share over lunch.  Lots of crunchy goodness for your microbiome.

Sauerkraut & Christmas in July – Penguin








There’s snow on them there mountains! Warm up with your Christmas spirit trading your Christmas delights and sharing a community lunch.

Bring your goods & services for trading and beat the winter blues by giving yourself an airing. Those offering services can give us 60 second elevator speech on what they are offering to promote their services.

Michelle will be teaching an optional Make Your Own Sauerkraut workshop from 11:30am-12:30pm at a cost of C15 or $15.

BYO Jar RSVP to admin@cent.net.au to book your space.

Keep yourself in good health over winter.

The Road to Plastic Free July


Wow! What an awesome workshop we had today at RESEED for our Road to Plastic Free July event. Most people started off totally overwhelmed and bamboozled by the copious quantities of plastic and the ridiculous statistical data to match.
#plasticfreejuly #centstasmania

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Diana and Tania shared heaps of relevant information and hand outs as well as some fantastic examples of alternative plastic free products.  There were many samples available to touch, smell and use to give attendees an opportunity to see the difference going plastic free can make. As the day progressed the sparkle returned to our eyes when we were filled with inspiring and practical know how on how to de-plastic our lives. All attendees left ready to tackle the Challenge. Bring it on!